Yes, what can I say? I enjoy smoking. Usually the urge comes about when I am writing, and especially editing, but kicking back awhile on my park bench under the willow tree or redwood in the backyard over morning/evening tea works too. And hey, lets not forget those autumnal walks through the woods or along the beach.
Here are a few images from my collection of pipes. I have a lot more than seen here, and will be posting them as time allows. (Just click them for larger images.) Some of which include a brebbia Twin, a little Meerschaum claw, a Meerchaum offset Calabash from Turkey, a couple Comoy's, including a vest 'pocket', two free-hand pieces by Tim West, and my latest and current favorite while working, two Trypis pipes from Canada.

One day I want a Tsuge! Not to mention a Baldo Baldi horn, but must wait till I'm rich, ha.
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A couple of my Tim West's...
Couple of my Trypis, above image is a 'mini'...
Lots more images and information to come.
Cheers! ~ M. J. V.
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One funny note: Pipes are great, cigars are alright, but I absolutely cannot stand cigarettes! The smell makes me literal sick oozing off of people's clothes and breath. Lol, go figure.
My Tim West 'Sitter'.
Above, one of my latest acquisitions, another Trypis.

*Background a hunk of fossilized wood and fossil horse knuckle. Lol, but I should have put a Louis L'Amour novel behind, too.
Comoy's Vest Pocket pipe.

*My hikin' hat, small bird's nest just found on some beach dune, calcite crystal cluster and included quartz point.
An inexpensive, small
Meerschaum Dragon Claw pipe, held in the lap of Manjushri.
This particular Comoy's pipe is one of my standard smokers whilst writing.

*In case you were wondering, the lower jawbone stand is a bronze cast of an actual human skull from Indonesia.
My brebbia Twin, another standard. Shown in its 'churchwarden' extended mode. Center piece of stem is removable.
These pipes are more part of my collection, than anything I regularly smoke...
A Ukrainian, lathe-turned Cherry wood pipe I picked up for a couple bucks on eBay.
A hand-carved pipe carved from
Fossilized Red Coral, from Tibet.

*Offset by a jade funerary carving from China and two hand-carved Foo Dogs made of Kyara aloeswood.

**BTW, all fossilized red coral is 'color enhanced', so keep the stuff out of direct sunlight.
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This page was last updated on: April 12, 2008
Backyard, May 2005, with my Ebony pipe, a gift from my sister, brought back from her family's trip to Africa.

Image of pipe alone to follow...
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Just for Fun Pipe Projects:

OK, I was sitting out in the backyard one day and realized that once again I had left my tamper inside. In fact, I have two tampers and two offices and am always leaving them someplace or the other so decided that what the heck, I'm going to make some extras right now.

The following are all made from my garden redwood tree.
A note before you view Tamper #3!
This one was for a lark. I mean really, how many times have I visited pipe store/sites and collectible tamper pages full of naked women and lady legs? So, for the ladies, in response to take back our own I made the following...
Click for Right-hand View
1st attempt
2nd Tamper
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So if you want to know the latest give it a click. :)
(Or at least you need to until I fix this $#@%! bug and can get the current posts listed right here directly. Argh! and more $%&^@*! Hmm...just going to have to smoke some more till I figure it out LOL!)