aigliss: wine.

  Basik: member of the Drakkone race, native to forest and jungle regions, they are usually brown or green in coloration.


  D'ki: naahn-part two.
  D'krea: naahn-part five.
  D'ta: naahn-part three.
  D'zea: naahn-part one.
  dantox: a long legged jungle bovine with ropy hair.
  darr: a large woody lichen which grows on draz vines. Used as a fire fuel and in making furniture.
  Da-zrush: "Good-day" a greeting.
  deaka: a green flower than grows along rivers, the bulbs of which are used in cooking.
  deek: a gecko-type lizard.
  Dekann: the underground race of Drakkones. Short and stocky, usually black, dark green or brown, their eyes and hides are sensitive to strong daylight. Miners, stone masons.
  dlostaik: a riding animal. Larger species of staik.
  Dra: non-gender specific form of polite address. Singular.
  Drada'k: the common ancestral animal the Drakkone races evolved from. Solitary, fierce, territorial creatures.
  Drada-kish: Throwback. One who has the instincts of a Drada'k.
  Drai: non-gender specific form of polite address. Plural.
  Drakkone: sapient 'reptilian-like' people.
  Drasi: a form of polite address towards females. Considered flirtatious, basically: I see you as a woman.
  Draz: a species of mammoth vine, the largest having trunk diameters of forty meters and can reach lengths of several kilometers. Trunks are supported by outgrowths called tranks. Dominant plant life of the planet. Also, phrase meaning a terrain where many large vines grow close together, i.e. the draz-jungle.
  Drazic Year: Ten months long, each month having eight days. A single 'day cycle' consists of a total of 130 hours. See Naahn and Zrush.
  Drazo: First month of ten.
  draz-ssuzat: the fibrous pollen gathering parts of a draz vine.
  Drazzetak: Ninth month of ten, this is the time when the draz fruit ripen. The holiday month of plenty.

  estak: frog-headed pack animal.

  fro: a type of melon.
  funt: woolly herd beast.

  ghaio: a game played with dice.
  glunn: a rich black tea.
  grakk: a pack animal with long stalk-like legs and a hard, leathery turtle's shell.
  Great Tarron: an extended race of Tarrons. The largest species of Drakkone, their direct ancestors were once capable of flight. Treated as royalty, it is believed they posses mystical abilities.

  haka: a Zaromei hail.
  Hake: zrush-part two.
  hrumm: a long stemmed blue fern.


  jiilot: a light honey & fruit ale.

  kax: a worm that burrows into draz-vines and kills them.
  kralltz: a poisonous vine dwelling creature.
  Kree: naahn-part four.
  Kronile: a Basik farming village located in the forest.
  kziki: honey mouse. The tiny rodents which eat roots and flowers are dried and eaten as sweets

  laisho: panther.
  larr: a long, thin leafed reed.
  Leetok: Seventh month of ten.
  lhue: a sweet smelling flower.
  liff: medicinal water lotus.

  mrak: a luminous, thick scaled water lizard.

  Na: zrush-part four.
  Naahn: Night, occurring on a planet-encompassing scale, due to a asteroid belt (the large, broken remains of a dead planet) lying between the planet and its two suns, that blocks the light every few rotations. This time of darkness lasts sixty hours, a time divided into six, ten hour segments called parts.
  naahn-part: a ten hour segment of time during the night. See Naahn.
  Nakkady: Trader town in the southlands.
  neara: small silver-furred mammal.
  nuhz: hour.

  Ozarnd: Tenth month of ten.

  part: a ten hour segment of time.


  R'kich: Fourth month of ten. Time of storms and floods.
  Raluk: Eighth month of ten.
  raluck: a green tea, often spiced with flower petals.
  Ranger: a drakkone of any race, though predominantly Basik, responsible for helping travelers, delivering mail, and upkeep of the paths between towns and villages.
  ransoo: a tiny, feather-winged deer standing half a meter at the shoulders and very shy. They dwell high in the draz canopy, rarely coming to ground.
  Ransout: Third month of ten.
  raun: a cultivated sweet grain.
  revick: a large water rodent with oily fur.
  rezzin: a zarome water-craft similar to a raft. Most zarome crafts have runners on the bottom, which they use to pull the ships atop frozen waterways.
  ritk: a tunneling mammal.

  S'suzat: Fifth month of ten. Holiday month, the time when the Draz vines come into bloom. This is a time of life celebration.
  Satigarn: capital city of the Ssaiss, it is located deep in the eastern desert.
  shallo: an herb plant.
  Shintross: a large trader-city run by Ssaiss along the forest region where the great desert begins.
  skrall: a very large and extremely vicious predator. Six-legged 'snakes' reaching lengths of seven meters and several tons, they are the deadliest animal known.
  Skrall Hunter: a specialized Hunter. Considered the deadliest of trades, skrall hunters are both revered and feared.
  sool: a type of wine made from forest melons. It is green, crisp and light tasting.
  Ssaiss: Desert race of Drakkones, hides are usually red, orange or shades of yellow. Artisans, traders, and merchants.
  Ssoolts: a large tavern in Nakkady.
  staik: a pack animal. A type of flightless, reptilian ground bird.
  stk: large reed-like plant of very strong, black wood.
  sukta: a large forest dwelling land crustacean.

  T'hak: zrush-part seven.
  T'vou: zrush-part six.
  taff juice: a heat/circulation stimulant drink derived from the taff fungus. Acrid smelling and vile tasting.
  Tahn: zrush-part five.
  tailo: forest deer.
  tarraniz'tos: a complex game using many carved pieces arranged on a circular board. Both players start with pieces set in opposing spirals, center position left open. The goal is to form a ring on the outer rim using opponent's captured pieces, and ultimately, to have control of the board with one lone piece remaining in the center.
  Tarron: Mountain dwelling race of Drakkones. Descended from flighted drakkones, the race, which is predominantly blue, sports wings from shoulder to hips.
  tizza: a grass which grows on the outskirts of the desert, the orange pollen is used as a spice.
  Tllez-moi: Mountain kingdom of the Tarrons, where members of all the races come to learn science and philosophy.
  tong: freshwater eel.
  tranks: the supports for draz vines.
  Tt'zaln: Second month of ten.
  tuk: tea.
  Tzuugh: a region in the upper north where no draz vines grow. Word translates literally as 'hell'. The land is uncharted and believed by most to be haunted.
  tzuughi: an evergreen tree that grows only in the Tzuugh.


  Vines twisting or Gods twisting: an expression. Basically, a thing or action that has many tangled and uncontrollable results. A good action which leads to greater trouble, making things worse.
  Vou: zrush-part three.



  Yahn: naahn-part six, final part before dawn.

  Zarome: Race of Drakkone evolved to exist in water regions like swamps, their hides are very pale and eyes are slightly luminous. Sailors and traders.
  Zaromei: the Zarome language.
  Zee: First light, zrush-part one.
  Zengalla: Chief Goddess of the Zaromes.
  zik: a small purple mushroom used as a sweetening spice. Mild intoxicant.
  Zin Clan: a large Zarome clan living in the swamps.
  Zin'sharlik: Island village of the Zin Clan, located in the northern swamps.
  zitiks: swamp mollusks which are considered a delicacy.
  Zmaln: Sixth month of ten, nicknamed "Season of the Weavers". Time to gather the draz-ssuzat fibers.
  Zrush: Daytime, occurring on a planetary scale due to a large, surrounding asteroid belt that reflects and intensifies the twin suns' light. Seventy hours of light divided into seven, ten hour parts.
  zrush-part: a ten hour segment of time during the light hours. See Zrush.
  Zrushtne: Daylight. Life-light.
Glossary of the Draz world of Drexus Tavosn
From the book "Hunting Shadows - Book One" by Melissa J. Vivigatz
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