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Here is the basic code to have an IMAGE as your page Background:
Background: <BODY BACKGROUND="image.jpg">

Remember, if the image file isn't uploaded to YOUR server it's not going to work! See more info back on Web Graphics page one...
Tiles ~ Flora Buttons ~ More HTML
Two sets of leaf-buttons. OK so I like BLACK! lol, I'll work on some others, I promise. Any special requests, just let me know. :)
Just return to Page One if you've questions about the use of these images, and how to say Thank you.
Don't forget, I'd like to link to those using My graphics, and the acknowledgement that they are all:
(C) Melissa J. Vivigatz 2002
Here's a little more Basic HTML codes beyond what's posted back on the first page.

Background music playing on your page: <EMBED SRC="music.mid" AUTOSTART=TRUE HIDDEN=TRUE> <NOEMBED> <BGSOUND SRC="music.mid"> </NOEMBED>

Looped Background music playing on your page: <EMBED SRC="music.mid" AUTOSTART="TRUE" HIDDEN="TRUE" LOOP="TRUE"> <NOEMBED> <BGSOUND SRC="music.mid" LOOP="INFINITE"> </NOEMBED>
Don't forget, change "music.mid" to the actual file you are using!
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The mini Green 'swirly' is rather cute. Check example of the larger green 'swirly' on my Dragon page.
OK the following is a sample of my 1st bar tile. Made for pages width "800" I call this one "Fire Bird" ;)
I will start playing with the larger sizes if requested.
Use my Graphics, let me KNOW & your site will be posted
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